Thursday, July 28, 2011

Our Shirts for Sea World

My two best friends from college decided that we should get together with all the kids and go to Sea World in San Diego. At some time in the planning process, I offered to make shirts, only I had no idea as to how I was going to make them. Thank God for YouTube. :)

I made 6 kids shirts, complete with their first names on the front and a dolphin design on the back. The grown-ups also had shirts but we only had the design on the back. It was really nice to be able to spot who was in our group. Kids, especially toddlers, run fast.

This is the planning stage. I was trying to figure out the placement of the images and the names before I ironed on the fabric to the t-shirt.

(Sorry it's sideways. I have no idea as to how you turn the image.)

The front of the shirts...

And the back...

A close up of the back...

And a cute little video...


I think making the shirts have been the most fun so far. It was really cool when people would stop you and ask where you got the shirts, and I got to respond that I made them. I say not bad for a Newbie!

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